About Us

Djurhuus Scandinavia is a young watch company, founded in 2023 and based in the Faroe Islands. Our passion for high-quality and unique design has driven us to create our flagship product, 'The North Atlantic'.

We are dedicated to providing our customers with unique timepieces that reflect the beauty and ruggedness of the North Atlantic.

Our watches are designed to last, and we believe they will become an everlasting addition to any wrist.

As young entrepreneurs we recognize the value of good customer service. Djurhuus Scandinavia embodies that, offering our customers support and guidance after purchasing any of our products.

We hope you enjoy our first distinct model, “The North Atlantic”, and we look forward to continue bringing you high-quality timepieces.

The name "Djurhuus" comes with a rich history in the Faroe Islands, most famously from the "Áarstovu Brothers", Janus and Hans Andrias Djurhuus. We thought it would suit the company to have a name with historic roots in the Faroes - hence the name Djurhuus Scandinavia.


The team at Djurhuus Scandinavia is not only dedicated to delivering exceptional watches, but also
to fostering a sense of camaraderie and friendship. Hjalti Kárason Djurhuus and Filip Zachariassen, are not just business partners but also close friends. This relationship is reflected in their work, as they bring a unique combination of creativity, expertise, and genuine care to every aspect of their business. His love for watches inspired Hjalti to create and design his own watches. Before founding Djurhuus Scandinavia, Hjalti honed his skills by creating two quartz watches with a different brand. His dream of creating bespoke mechanical watches inspired by Faroe Islands and its environment has fostered the creation of Djurhuus

Filip joined the team later and brought with him not only a keen eye for detail, but also a wealth of
creative experience. He is committed to helping Djurhuus Scandinavia reach a wider audience and is always looking for new and innovative ways to showcase the brand. With a bag full of ideas and inspiration our young brand is set to create multiple collections over the next years with a simple goal - creating quality watches designed in the Faroes.